Antico Molino Rosso and Gluten-Free

Committed to Organic Farming since 1987

We are fully aware that pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are way overused in farming nowadays.

Our family consists of three generations of millers and we keep pushing this family tradition using modern technologies now available, especially regarding food safety.

After the transformation of milling grain into flour, our most important asset is our customers: professionals and consumers.
We ourselves are consumers and we strive every day to improve the quality of our flours according to the needs of our customers. We respect the noble work of the farmers who are responsible of maintaining and preserving biodiversity.

Our aim is to provide high quality wholegrain and semi-wholegrain flours from all 7 cereals, strictly from organic farming. It would be beneficial to us all to be able to use them for bread, pizzas and desserts.

Our Advantages

Quality should not only be related to the taste of the final product, but we think it should guarantee that the company organizes ongoing inspections and test to monitor the objective quality of both the manufacturing process and the product itself.

Antico Molino Rosso main principles we are committed to every day are R&D, our choice of certified raw materials, the sustainability of the supply chain, the cleanliness of the facilities, the discipline in applying the system, our passion, our knowledge and ability of discerning good and bad, especially when it comes to healthy and unhealthy.

Antico Molino Rosso’s affiliated laboratories also perform multiresidual analyses to guarantee the highest safety, reliability and quality of all our products.

In addition to organic certifications, every raw materials shipment we receive is tested by our in-house laboratory to verify that samples meet our quality requirements. We test moisture, specific weight, temperature, protein value and ashes.